Squirts 3v3 League

*All Squirts Skater Spots Are Filled!

Why Squirts Hockey?

3v3 hockey is a unique type of hockey.  It has been designed so players of all ages and levels of ability can enhance their hockey skills in a fast and fun filled environment.

Two 3v3 rinks will be set up on the ice surface with rink divider boards.  Games are 30 minutes of intensity and game scores are typically high. Given the small ice area and fewer players on the ice at a time, 3v3 games create many opportunities for all players to enhance skating, stick handling, passing, shooting, scoring, back-checking, game sense and fundamental development.

Why Squirts Individual League?

In our area we all know that each players hockey experience can be vastly different based on which level or which association your son or daughter has grown up in.  This goal of this individual league is to create teams that are competitive each and every night for all athletes. Has your athlete ever said I wish I could play with him or her.  

This league will give your young athletes an opportunity to play with players from other communities and develop friendships that will allow them to develop a stronger love and passion for the game of hockey.

Here's How It Works.

Each athlete will sign up individually or with a team on our website. Athletes will be on teams of 6 skaters. The league is available to squirt age players born 2009-2010.


  • Individual sign ups or team sign ups. Maximum of 6 skaters. Goalies must sign up as individuals.​ Limited number of goalies to maximize ice time.

  • 10 games on Monday nights only, each team will play 2 games on each Monday night.​

  • League Games Start: August 19th, 2019

  • All games to be played on Mondays

    • Dates: ​

      • August 19th​

      • September 9th

      • September 16th

      • September 23rd

      • September 30th

  • League Cost: $150 (includes jersey)

    • Early Bird Registration: $135 (Ends July 19th)​

  • All games will be played 3v3

*Disclaimer: Depending on the number of goalies that sign up, we may have a tryout for goalies.


A complete list of rules for this league below.




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